Nilai-Nilai Pendidikan Karakter dalam Pengembangan Cerita Anak Melalui Penulisan Kreatif

  • Rokhyanto Rokhyanto IKIP Budi Utomo
  • Umi Salamah IKIP Budi Utomo
  • Casmugiyono Casmugiyono SMKN 1 Pekalongan
  • Ratna Harum Sari Universitas PGRI Wiranegara Pasuruan
Keywords: Cerita, pendidikan karakter, penulisan kreatif


Every parent's wish and hope, of course, as much as possible, the reading that children read always contains good moral messages. A good story is a story that of course must provide the nuances of good character education, especially for children. To sort and select stories is an important factor that parents must consider. This is because children's understanding varies greatly according to their age. Children's reading is adjusted to the theme of the story that is read by the child, the easier it is to understand the story because the objects in the story are very familiar with their daily life. Children's stories are believed to have a major contribution to the development of children's personalities in the process towards maturity and moral responsibility to rearrange weak characters to become strong, of course teacher guidance. The elements that need to be considered are: the creative process becomes the process of creating works. Sooner or later, a writer depends on the memory or abilities and skills possessed. The lower a person's memory or abilities and skills, the longer the process of pouring out ideas is also slow; and the higher one's mindset and skills, the faster the process of pouring these ideas into better works. The process of creative writing becomes an effort towards business as a manifestation of practical creative arts to shape children's souls and teachers' intellectuals. This occurs because the business model has not been developed by various parties, both institutional actors and children storytelling experts. To be able to enrich business insights towards creative writing of children's stories, forms and types of businesses based on creative industries and the prospect of being developed as creative writing, finding a business ethos based on creative arts allows the formation of creative, innovative, and successful businesses, creative arts businesses that can encourage growth and development of creative writing in the field of writing children's stories.

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