Implikatur Percakapan Dalam Interogasi Kepolisian Polres Kota Blitar (Sebuah Kajian Linguistik Forensik

  • Miza Rahmatika Aini Universitas Islam Balitar
  • Fajr Hauzaan Hisyam Mufaddahl Universitas Islam Balitar
  • Rosid Humam Universitas Islam Balitar
Keywords: forensic linguistic, implicature, interrogation, cases, Blitar City Police


Language is a means for speakers to express what they want to express. In this case, the language product in the form of speech can be well spoken by and well received by the speech partner. In the study of linguistics, the study is to analyze the utterances spoken by the utterances. One of these studies is implicature. Implicature examines the symbolic meaning of the language used. In the legal field, it is usually in the realm of the police to interrogate them. The study of implicatures on the language spoken by the interrogator is the realm of forensic linguistics. That is, the study of linguistics related to the field of law. The purpose of this research is to identify the implicature of language conversation in terms of symbolic meaning. Population assessment is the language used by the interrogator and those involved in the interrogation. The sample is a randomly selected interrogation at the police station. The technique of collecting data randomly using the observation method followed by the orthographic identity method was applied in this study. Data was collected using a tape recorder and orthographic transcriptions were prepared for analysis. Technical analysis of data with conversational implicatures on the principles of discourse analysis

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