• marzuki marzuki IKIP Budi Utomo
Keywords: error analysis, speech sound, significant, non-significant, interference


This research investigates and analyses pronunciation errors made by the students of English Education Department at IKIP Budi Utomo Malang. Errors in students’ pronunciation are  crucial problems among foreign language teacher, especially English teacher. This research aims at investigating and finally finding out pronunciation errors made by the English students of S-1. The subjects of the study are the S-1 English students in academic period 2019/2020 that total 40 students who took dictation course in the third semester. The data of the study are a group of students’ pronunciation or speech sounds. Based on the description above, there are two important problems proposed in terms of kinds of pronunciation errors and causes of pronunciation errors. Of the data analysis carried out, it is found out that kinds and causes of pronunciation errors which are classified into significant and non-significant errors. There are four causes of pronunciation errors, namely (1) some differences of speech sounds between English and Indonesian; (2) the same phonetic features which have the different distribution between English and Indonesian; (3) interference of native language; and (4) lack of practices and exposures in English pronunciation.


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