PLAGIARISM INCLUDES BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO : referring to or quoting terms, words and or sentences, data and or information from a source without writing citation of sources in the citation notes and or without mentioning the source correctly; use the source of ideas, opinions, views, or theories without expressing the source correctly; formulate words and or sentences themselves from the source of words and / or phrases, ideas, opinions, views, or theories without mentioning the source correctly; submit scientific papers that have been produced and or published by others as sources of scientific work without expressing them correctly.

PREVENTION : In each article that has been submitted to the Jp.jok Journal, it must be accompanied by a statement that the article is the result of the author's own thoughts and writings, the article is free of plagiarism (the percentage of plagiarism will be delivered by the editorial team), and if plagiarism is found more than the author receive a sentence under the law signed by the author.

SANCTIONS : direct reprimand; warning letter; article revocation; cancellation of publication.