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Author Guideline

The Manuscript General Guidelines. 

The writing format follows the Enhanced Indonesian Spelling (EYD). The paper size used is A4, Times New Roman font, margin (top, left, right, bottom) 2.54, space 1 and a maximum of 15 pages (starting from the article title to the reference list). Setting spacing between lines must be considered (before and after spacing 0). The initial paragraph writing protrudes into 0.75 cm. In general, the text must contain the article title, author's name and institution, abstract, introduction, method, results and discussion, conclusions and bibliography. Additions to the chapters and sub-sections were added according to the needs and format of the study by not violating scientific writing.

 The Guidelines for the Manuscript Body Text

Manuscript title. using font times new roman 14 printed thick (maximum 20 words)

Abstract. written in Indonesian contains research objectives, research methods / approaches and research results. Abstract is written in one paragraph, no more than 250 words. (Times New Roman 10, single space, Italic).

Keywords: 3-5 keywords separated by commas. [Font Times New Roman 10, single space, Italic].
Introduction. (contains background, research context, literature review results, and research objectives integrated into paragraphs, with a percentage of 15-20% of the entire article. Relevant literature review and development of hypotheses (if any) are included in this section. [Times New Roman, 12, normal].

The method. explains exposure in the form of paragraphs about research design, data sources, data collection techniques, and data analysis that is actually carried out by researchers, with a percentage of 10-15% [Times New Roman, 12, normal].

The results of the study. contain exposure to the results of the analysis relating to research questions, while the discussion contains the meaning of results and comparisons with the theories and or results of similar research, with a percentage of 40-60% of all articles, the results of research can be supplemented with tables, graphs / or chart. Possible follow-up activities can also be presented in this section [Times New Roman, 12, normal].

Conclusion. Contains research findings in the form of answers to research questions or in the form of the essence of the results of the discussion, which are presented in paragraph form. Suggestions can be given in this section [Times New Roman, 12, normal].

Bibliography or Reference. Each source quoted in the article body must appear in the reference. The sources cited are from the last 10 years. Quotes and references refer to the sixth edition of the American Psychological Association (APA). Writing a bibliography or Reference is recommended using the citation application (mendeley, zotero, endnote). [Times New Roman, 12, normal].

 The Online Submission Manuscript Guidelines

The manuscript text must be submitted by one of two systems (the Second procedure is more preferable):

  1. The document should submitted by Online Submission System in the E-journal portal.
  2. Firstly, the author should register as either an author or reviewer
  3. After the registration step is completed, log in as an author, click in “New Submission”. The article submission stage consists of five stages, such as:  (1). Start, (2). Upload Submission, (3). Enter Metadata, (4). Upload Supplementary Files, (5). Confirmation.
  4. In the “Start” column, choose Journal Section (nearby Volume and Issue will publish), check all the checklists.
  5. In the “Upload Submission” Columns, upload the manuscript files in MSWord format in this column.
  6. In the “Enter Metadata” columns, fill in with all the author data and affiliation. Including the Journal Title, Abstract, Keywords, and References.
  7. In the “Upload Supplementary Files” columns, the author is allowed to upload supplementary files, the statement letter, or any other else.
  8. In the “Confirmation” columns, if the data you entered are all correct already, then click “Finish Submission”.
  9. If the author has difficulties in the submission process through the online system, please contact Jurnal's editorial team at