Penerapan Virtual Google Classroom Terintegrasi TPACK pada Siswa MTS Ahmad Yani Jabung

  • Lis Susilawati IKIP Budi Utomo
  • Luly Zahrotul Lutfiyah IKIP Budi Utomo
  • Nurwakhid Muliyono IKIP Budi Utomo
Keywords: Application, Virtual Google Classroom, TPACK


There are many problems when implementing virtual google classroom and TPACK. In accordance with the title of the study, the problem of this research is how to apply a virtual google classroom that is integrated with Technological, Pedagogical, and Content Knowledge (TPACK) for Ahmad Yani Jabung's MTS students. Thus, this study aims (1) to determine the implementation of TPACK's integrated virtual google classroom; (2) to find out the obstacles experienced in the process of implementing the TPACK-integrated virtual google classroom; and (3) to find out the efforts made to implement the TPACK integrated virtual google classroom for MTS Ahmad yani jabung students. The approach used is a qualitative research approach with descriptive-qualitative analysis methods. Collecting data through observation, interviews, and documentation. Data analysis with data reduction techniques, data presentation, and verification. After being analyzed using these approaches and methods, the following results were obtained. First, the implementation of the virtual google classroom is carried out by the teacher preparing online lesson plans, uploading accessible materials and assignments for students, preparing power points for presenting material online, and preparing learning videos. Second, the obstacles experienced in implementing the virtual google classroom in online learning are (1) good internet signal, (2) unsupportive weather, (3) not all students have android, and ( 4) not all students understand the material given by the teacher online. Third, the efforts made to overcome the obstacles in implementing the virtual google classroom are (1) students to a place where the internet network can be reached; (2) every month the school provides internet packages; (3) the teacher forms study groups and collects them at the meeting point or student house who has android and good signal; (4) if there are students who do not understand the material given by the teacher, students can ask their parents or siblings. Suggestions for further research are in order to obtain maximum results in conducting research with similar subject matter, accuracy in choosing data sources

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