Konsumerisme Masyarakat Kontemporer dalam Pemikiran Jean Baudrillard

  • Theguh Saumantri IAIN Syekh Nurjati Cirebon
Keywords: Consumerism, contemporary, Jean Baudrillard


Consumption is a need that cannot be separated from humans. Consumption plays an important role in human life. However, there is a paradigm shift in the realm of consumption in this contemporary era. According to Jean Baudrillard, the phenomenon of consumption of contemporary society is no longer carried out because of needs and consumption nor is it done to obtain satisfaction or enjoyment but consumption is aimed at obtaining a certain social status. This study aims to elaborate on the thoughts of a postmodern philosopher, jean baudrillard in studying consumerism. The type of research used is library research which has the purpose of tracing and examining data or information about the thoughts of figures. The results of the study found that the consumerism of contemporary society in the view of Jean Baudrillard was formed by a social logic of differentiation. So that people's consumption is no longer a commodity but an individual's desire to continuously make differences or differentiations between himself and others.

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