An Exposition

  • Fransiskus Sailtus Bembid Sekolah Tinggi Filsafat Teologi Widya Sasana Malang
Keywords: Relationality; Philosophy of Relastionality; Paradigm of Relationality.


This paper aims to reveal the building of Armada Riyanto's Philosophy of  Relationality. There are three problems involved in this research, namely the philosophical traditions that influence the philosophy of relationality, the nature of relationality, and the paradigm of relationality. These three things are the pillars through which Armada Riyanto's Philosophy of Relationality can be understood. The methodology used is a critical reading of the book he wrote with the title "Relasionalitas Filsafat Fondasi Interpretasi: Aku, Teks, Liyan, Fenomen".  Several of his other books are also critical reading material. This paper produces several findings. First, Armada Riyanto's philosophy of relationality is rooted in existential-phenomenological philosophy. Second, in Armada Riyanto, relationality is a technical-philosophical term whose idea is not the same as connectivity. Third, the relational pattern of I-text and I-phenomenon which by nature is classified as subject-object turns out to have an intersubjective character. Fourth, the I-Other relationality pattern which is characterized by subject-object is a contradiction. Fifth, relationality as a unique and exclusive natural human capacity for self-transcendence towards external reality always departs from the consciousness of "I".

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