TEORI KEBENARAN DALAM FILSAFAT: Peran Integrasi Keilmuan dengan Aspek Kehidupan dalam Upaya Memerangi Fenomena Penyebaran Hoax di Masyarakat

  • Muhamad Alif Maulana UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta
Keywords: truth theory, hoax, digital era


In today's all-digital era, the dissemination of information is very fast and can be accessed from various sources. Plus, the emergence of social media is where everyone can disseminate information. It makes the spread of hoaxes in the community easy because there needs to be clear editorial clarity from the information circulating. It differs from the past, where the dissemination of information came mostly from television and radio, so the information presented in the community must have been strictly selected and verified, and the truth can be accounted for. Therefore, extra filters are needed in the digital era to select information circulating in society. It is necessary to implement and integrate the theory of truth in philosophy to combat the spread of hoaxes.

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